My-IUD Supply

Proud to announce we currently accept most Florida Blue plans! We SPECIALIZE in Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas (most plans)!


Most Major Commercial and Medicaid Plans Accepted
*some 3rd party HMOs excluded

No Cost

When you order IUDs for your patients with it costs your practice nothing! No need for expensive inventory or rejected insurance claims. Just order the IUD online…Insert the IUD…and bill for the insertion procedure. It’s that simple!

No Wait

Practices and patients usually wait several weeks for an IUD to be delivered making patient scheduling and convenience a nightmare. will deliver the IUD to your office in 5 business days. Thus you can schedule your patients return visit for 2 weeks or less.

No Hassle

No more paperwork, inventory, or insurance claim rejections. Simply order your patients IUD online in less than a minute.